Upgrade Your Life v9


27 Nov

Upgrade Your Life v9

Tweet Another amazing story of how our company is changing lives! We joined WV two years ago because it looked like a more affordable way for a family of 6 to travel. We had no idea what was in store for us. God is faithful and blesses you when you least expect it and exactly when you need it. We saved 1800$ on our very first trip and started sharing our experience with friends and family. We have traveled more...

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26 Nov

Upgrade Your Life v8

Tweet Wow! The upgrade stories just keep coming! WorldVentures has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives!! We joined shortly after our son had his Wish granted through Make-Wish, almost 2 years ago on November 26, 2012. What we were able to experience on our son’s Make A Wish trip to Disney World, Give Kids the World and Central Florida, opened up so many more dreams and possibilities for our family. We decided that maybe we could find...

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25 Nov

Upgrade Your Life v7

Tweet Another great upgrade story… WorldVentures has not only upgraded my personal development, relationships, money, and purpose, but literally has saved my life. I believed becoming a doctor was my way to financial freedom and when the medical field took a turn for the worst, my dreams died. I knew of no other way to achieve financial freedom and fulfill a purpose in life. I saw life as working everyday stressed out and then dying. I saw no reason why...

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24 Nov

Upgrade Your Life v6

Tweet The incredible stories of how WV has impacted people’s lives just keep pouring in! World Ventures has reopened my eyes! Little did I realize how “small town” minded I had become…keeping to such a small circle of people, living in fear of the unknown, seriously unhappy and just going through the motions and same old grind every day! Since World Ventures, I have met so many new people, become good friends with people all over the USA (and can’t...

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23 Nov

Upgrade Your Life v5

Tweet Everybody’s story is unique. The similarity is that we were all looking for an upgrade in our lives. Here’s a story from another rep whose life is better because of WorldVentures! Two months prior to seeing WorldVentures I wrote a journal entry/ prayer to God asking for an opportunity to come into my life where I could make more money so I could donate more money, where I would have more positive influence in my life, where I it...

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22 Nov

Upgrade Your Life! v4

Tweet Been thinking you need an upgrade in your life? Yeah, most people do! There are so many amazing stories from reps who have upgraded their lives with our company!┬áHere’s another one you can share with your team… I can’t begin to express how much WV has impacted/upgraded my life. 7 years ago I got in WV and almost made it to 60×60 but after my divorce, I lost my job, my home, my car, my joy, I felt like...

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21 Nov

Upgrade Story 3

Tweet Another great story of how WorldVentures has upgraded a rep’s life… WorldVentures has brought some amazing people into my life and allowed me to feel like I’m really a part of something. I have been very blessed to be able to do some volunteering in Guatemala and that has made such an impact on my life. I look forward to taking many more of the volunteer trips to Guatemala and other countries as well. I’ve done a bit of...

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20 Nov

Another Upgrade Story

Tweet Our company is allowing some serious upgrades in people’s lives! Here’s another story from one of our reps… In October 2008 I quit drinking. I decided I didn’t want, or need the life of a drunk I had been living for so long. 2008 I spent 2 months in jail for dui, In 2009 I spent 6 months in jail for multiple dui’s and lost everything. When I say everything, I mean I lost my house and everything in...

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19 Nov

Upgrade Your Life

Tweet Recently, I asked reps to tell us how WorldVentures had upgraded their lives. We got some great stories! I will be sharing some of them with you here on the blog. Hope you enjoy! WorldVentures has upgraded my life all the way around, I was a girl who always had big Dreams but my life was filled with jokes of me being a dreamer, I knew someday I was going to be able to fulfill those dreams just did...

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Tweet               Wichita SuperSaturday w/Derron Walker Nov 15th November 15th 1pm – 5pm Join New York RMD’s and $100k ring earners Derron Walker and Sarah Bale as they bring their style and determination that’s propelling them super fast toward NMD, IMD and beyond! RMD’s Derron Walker and Sarah Bale November 15th 1pm – 5pm NE of Wichita in Valley Center 109 W Main Valley Center, KS 67147 1 Block W of Meridian on South...

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