Reset Your AutoPilot


14 Jan

Reset Your AutoPilot

Tweet Have you seen all 3 of the Reset Your AutoPilot videos Byron posted for 2015? Here are part 2 & part 3…

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3 Jan

What Will Your Dash Be?

Tweet Will 2015 be different for you? Reset Your AutoPilot

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11 Dec

Early Retirement Upgrade

Tweet Know someone who would like to retire early? Know anyone who needs more time to care for aging parents or family members in need? Check out this rep’s story… I retired from teaching in 14 months replacing my income of teaching almost 10 years! My father passed away before I saw WV. I had to pay people to help me care for my dad because I only had 10 sick days a year and I needed my job. He...

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10 Dec

Hope Upgrade

Tweet Know anyone who feels discouraged? Hopeless in their current situation? Check out this rep’s story & how hope was restored… Initially, joining WorldVentures gave me hope – a chance to break free from an unsatisfactory job that was stealing my time from my family, friends, and the things I enjoy while knowing that I would never be able to significantly increase my income. Now, just after a few short months it has become so much more. Through the training...

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9 Dec

Mom Upgrade

Tweet Know any Moms who would like to stay home or cut back their hours at work? Our company offered this rep the opportunity to choose whether or not she went back to work… WV has changed my life in many ways. 1. Allowed me to stay a “Stay-at home mom” Vs. going back to work 2. Pays me a FT paycheck for PT hours. 3. The way I have grown is insurmountable– My children are around Millionaires that share...

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8 Dec

Free Time Upgrade

Tweet Know anyone who wants more free time? More choices? Check out this rep’s story of how life has been upgraded… World Ventures has given me the free time to live life how I CHOOSE to live it. I’ve been able to go on a trip every month this year (before wv I only traveled a few places) I have also had a chance to take my mom out of the country for her first time all expenses paid. I...

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5 Dec

Single Parent Upgrade

Tweet Know any single parents? Share this upgrade story with them! WorldVentures brought my hopes and dreams back to life! I have spent so much more time making memories with my daughters and my friends, both on DreamTrips and in our day-to-day life! Our BMW (we qualified in just five weeks) has truly brought me freedom I never had before… To feel safe travelling as a single parent is an amazing experience!! I love everything about WV.. Personal development that...

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4 Dec

Time Freedom Upgrade

Tweet Here’s another story of a couple who wanted an upgrade, joined WorldVentures and found their lives were upgraded in ways they hadn’t even imagined…   My husband, John, and I have been in WorldVentures since July 2009. At first we thought it was just for fun, vacation, and paid-for cars, but now we know it’s all about choices and FREEDOM. In 2 weeks, we are leaving on our 71st trip in 5 years, even being dubbed “The Vacation King...

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3 Dec

Upgrade v10

Tweet Our company is upgrading people’s lives! Here’s another real-life upgrade story… After 26 years in Law Enforcement and Joining WorldVentures 4 years ago. Through the personal development and training. I realized that you have to LIVE life. So on October 10, 2014, having enough belief in myself and this company I walked away from a 26 year career to Begin LIVING!! I spend everyday with my wife and on cold winter mornings I can pull the blanket up over...

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27 Nov

Upgrade Your Life v9

Tweet Another amazing story of how our company is changing lives! We joined WV two years ago because it looked like a more affordable way for a family of 6 to travel. We had no idea what was in store for us. God is faithful and blesses you when you least expect it and exactly when you need it. We saved 1800$ on our very first trip and started sharing our experience with friends and family. We have traveled more...

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