Super Saturday


8 Apr

Super Saturday

AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!! SuperSaturday with WV’s Director of Training, Marc Accetta! Saturday, April 16, 2016 12:00-5:00 Dean Dellinger Auditorium (Valley Center) 800 N Meridian, Valley Center, KS 67147 Tickets available at the door

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20 Sep

Super Saturday!

WICHITA SUPER SATURDAY with TRAVIS JUST OCTOBER 3, 2015 1:00-5:00 Sedgwick County Building 21st & Ridge Road Tickets Available Online Now! Click below to reserve your seat!

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20 Jul

Wichita Super Saturday

Tickets now available online! Click the Buy Now button below! WICHITA SUPER SATURDAY TRAINING EVENT with RMD Shelley Blanzy & MD Van Nguyen Saturday August 1st, 2015 10am-2pm Holiday Inn 549 Rock Rd Wichita (Kellogg & Rock) Admission $20  

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25 May

The Thread

I don’t believe you ended up in WorldVentures by accident. You’re here by a thin thread. I also believe if you are reading this it’s because you want to know the best way to win here. Last year at a Boot Camp I did a talk called the Thread that addressed what are the 5 most important things you need to track to win in WV. This is a recap so go get the audio from the Advantage program so...

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17 Apr

Building Strategy 101

Want to get this info out to all of you to help you understand how your business works, how to get your team started right and how to maximize your earning potential.

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15 Apr

Your First 30 Days

Are you new to WorldVentures? Wondering what you should do first? That’s a really good question! Glad you asked! Check out this video that will help you, as a new rep, get off on the right foot. Use this video with all your new reps as your team grows.

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14 Jan

Reset Your AutoPilot

Have you seen all 3 of the Reset Your AutoPilot videos Byron posted for 2015? Here are part 2 & part 3…

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3 Jan

What Will Your Dash Be?

Will 2015 be different for you? Reset Your AutoPilot

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11 Dec

Early Retirement Upgrade

Know someone who would like to retire early? Know anyone who needs more time to care for aging parents or family members in need? Check out this rep’s story… I retired from teaching in 14 months replacing my income of teaching almost 10 years! My father passed away before I saw WV. I had to pay people to help me care for my dad because I only had 10 sick days a year and I needed my job. He was...

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10 Dec

Hope Upgrade

Know anyone who feels discouraged? Hopeless in their current situation? Check out this rep’s story & how hope was restored… Initially, joining WorldVentures gave me hope – a chance to break free from an unsatisfactory job that was stealing my time from my family, friends, and the things I enjoy while knowing that I would never be able to significantly increase my income. Now, just after a few short months it has become so much more. Through the training and...

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