Who Is Byron Schrag?

9 years ago, as a floundering entrepreneur, I was not able to deliver for my family.  The bills weren’t getting paid.  Relationships were not very good.  Frustration & stress were extremely high – not only for me, but for the rest of my family.  I knew in my heart – because we live in America – that it didn’t have to stay like this.  A friend introduced me to a company and an idea that changed everything.

Now after 9 years I spend my time doing 2 things – I am either living my dreams or helping others live theirs through coaching, speaking and teaching. I talk to thousands each year in hopes to find the people that have the courage to pursue their dream.

God puts dreams in each of our hearts.  He wants us to live those dreams.  This blog is about helping you live the dreams that God has put in your heart.

The success that I’ve had is not due to special talents.  It’s due to the application of some basic principles of business, fun & effort. Follow along with us as I help you get an understanding of what we do & how you can live the dreams that God has put in your heart.